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Spray-in Bed Liner

Pickup trucks have become much upscale and larger than models from the past. With the high costs of new vehicles it becomes a must to protect that purchase. One of the first things that should be done is installing a new bed liner. There are so many choices in today’s market; do I go with the popular Rhino or Line X brands? Cost can vary so much from company to company, so what's the smart move for the life of my vehicle? Well Dentoni’s has the answer for you; No longer do we have one manufacturer or material to use. Dentoni’s proprietary formulation has multiple offerings from 100% pure polyurea or polyurethane and up to a 60/40 hybrid mix depending on your usage.



    •    ​Multiple color options available (most only provide one option)

    •    Heavy mil thickness

    •    Can be a protective coating for just about anything

    •    4 x 4 on the splash pan

    •    Bumpers, Fenders, Hoods

    •    Lumber racks, Tool boxes

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