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Mobile Services

In addition to our in-house services, Dentoni’s offers an industry leading on-site mobile service focused on laser alignment, steering components including front axle kingpins. Dentoni’s provides mobile services from the owner operator to the major fleet. If the vehicle can’t make it to us, we can definitely make it to the vehicle. Experience the difference, call Dentoni’s to make your appointment.

Dentoni’s humble beginnings in the late 1950’s by Jack and son David Dentoni were started without the brick and mortar façade of the Stockton market area. These were full-time mobile welding specialists that were the best in their trade. The quality of work and word of mouth recommendations requests kept this team busy all over Northern and Central California. Today we continue to support our mobile offering just as we did almost 60 years ago

Walking beams made famous in 1926 by Hendrickson and later followed by Neway are a staple on the West Coast and one of the most outsourced suspension repairs in the industry. We’ve been performing these beams style suspensions repairs since the 60’s. These suspensions are loaded with bushings that require specialty pressing. Our mobile team will disassemble, evaluate and reinstall all at your facility. Need an alignment – same time, same place!

    •    Increase tire life

    •    Improved fuel economy

    •    Reduced carbon footprint

    •    Driver comfort

    •    Vehicle stability

    •    Safety – reduced liability

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