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Driveshafts commonly referred to as “drivelines” provide for a mechanical means of torque transfer from the transmission to the differential. Due to this transfer, driveshaft’s are subject to torsion and sheer stress. They must be strong enough to handle the torque and high horsepower of today’s vehicles. If an engine is replaced or upgraded the horsepower and toque specifications must be calculated to meet the new requirement. Dentoni’s repairs and designs around the customer’s needs. We are a custom manufacturer that can suggest alterations for performance and lifespan. If you have problems with premature u-joint or center bearing wear, contact us. We do it right the first time


    •    Automotive, Light and Heavy Truck

    •    Industrial Applications

    •    Genuine Meritor, Neapco and Spicer

    •    Dynamically Balanced 

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